Verein Percikan Iman accommodates its members to do the Qurban 2015 payments till September 21st 2015 in cooperation with Rumah Zakat Indonesia.


Prices for Qurban 2015

To accomodate the request to include also Swiss prices, Percikan Iman has evaluated with the respective Swiss farmer organisations the current Swiss prices beside the Indonesian Zakat amounts.

Indonesian Zakat amounts:
(Rumah Zakat in CHF)

  • Lamb: CHF 155.00
  • 1/7 Cow: CHF 170.00
  • Cow: CHF 1100.00

Swiss Zakat amounts:
(based on Swiss Farmer Association and others)

  • Lamb: CHF 260.00
  • 1/7 Cow CHF 345.00
  • Cow: CHF 2400.00


How to transfer …

Please fill in the Percikan Iman Qurban Form 2015 first, before transfering money.
Please note: we can only accept payments for Qurban 2015 till September 21st 2015.

Account details:
Postkonto: 60-496610-7
IBAN CH89 0900 0000 6049 6610 7
(please add the administration fee for payment from the post office counter)